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We are a popcorn manufacturer and we do not have a retail store. Local orders can be placed online and picked up. Please call or send an email to schedule a pick up time.
Fundraising With Popcorn

Raise A Lot Of Money, Without
A Lot Of Work!

Not only is popcorn fun and delicious to eat, your group or organization can use it to raise money.

Just put some of our popcorn under your pillow when you go to sleep and in the morning it will have turned into money. Not just quarters, but big money. Ten dollar bills, twenty dollar bills. Oh so much money.

Well, I got a little carried away.. My popcorn won't really turn into money under your pillow, but it really can turn into money for your school group, little league team or orther organization.

It is easy to do and we will help you. This is how it works. The people in your group go out and take orders for popcorn that comes in our special fundraising plastic bags.

We will provide you with easy to use order forms so you can keep track of all the orders. Collect the money when you take the order. Then, after everyone in the the group has finsiehd with all the orders, you send us the total number of bags sold, broken down by flavor.

In about a week we will have made all the popcorn to fill your orders and shipped it to you so the people who sold it can deliver it.

It is easy and fun, and you really can turn our popcorn into money.

To learn more, please call me at 800-723-1014 or send me an email at I promise I will treat you with dignity, repsect, love and honor because I want your organization to make a lot of money without a lot of work.

We are here to help!

Your friend in fundraising,

Kernel Charlie

P.S. People love our popcorn so much that you can repeat this fundraiser several times throughout the year. Our premium gourmet popcorn sells a lot faster once people have tasted it and know how delicious it really is.


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